Evaluation phase of "Gewählt zum Kundenservice des Jahres 2021" has begun

Published on 2020-08-14


Mainz - 14.08.2020

Consumers and businesses in Spain, England, Morocco, Tunisia and above all in France already know the prestigious winners of the competition "Gewählt zum Kundenservice des Jahres " (Customer Service of the Year in Germany) competition for their own countries. And it is precisely this successful format, together with its independent customer service event, that organiser Armonia introduced in Germany in 2020.

Despite the Corona crisis, 19 participating companies have had a total of 4,200 independent mystery tests of their own customer service performance carried out since May 2020. Based on 15 basic customer service criteria, such as the experienced performance on an interpersonal level, the overall quality of the exchange as well as the determined availability, the winners with the best results in their category will be announced on 4 November 2020.

About the award "Gewählt zum Kundenservice des Jahres " (Customer Service of the Year in Germany)

Mystery Shoppers confront the customer service of the participating companies in the course of an approximately two-month test phase with a test series of a total of 140 calls, 45 e-mail enquiries, 15 web navigation tests, 10 social media enquiries and 15 chat enquiries. All participating companies will receive an interim report during this phase, and after and before the award ceremony they will be shown the results including benchmarks in a personal consultation. In the process, a number of training measures are identified together and how they can be optimally tailored to meet the needs of employees.


SKOPOS NEXT carried out the mystery tests in Germany

As an experienced implementation partner, the market research institute SKOPOS NEXT is responsible for carrying out the mystery tests in Germany. These tests are decisive in determining the independent award. Mystery Shoppers contact participating companies and measure the performance of the customer service team according to previously defined criteria. All participating companies will receive a results report with informative statements about the benchmarks to be kept in mind in determining directions for their own customer service.

The stress test, which is designed as a competition, is intended to provide additional motivation for responsible customer service managers and teams in a playful way and to align all participants towards a common goal. The competition also enables award-winners to express the performance of their customer service teams. Their particularly strong commitment to the customer, to target and existing customers is confirmed by an independent authority.


Awarding the winners of  "Gewählt zum Kundesenservice des Jahres" (Customer Service of the Year in Germany)

On 4 November 2020 the first prize winners of the competition "Gewählt zum Kundesenservice des Jahres 2021"  will be announced by the organiser Armonia at the award ceremony in Frankfurt. From this time on, all award-winning companies will have the opportunity to use the coveted logo as a special award in their communication measures towards customers or their target group.


The organiser Armonia is now working on the evaluation and wishes all participating companies and customer service teams an exciting and entertaining wait for the results.