Customer Service Barometer

In 2019, "Voted Customer Service of the Year," our audit and competition concept, was launched in Germany. Against this backdrop, a population-representative survey was conducted on the topic of customer service in Germany - the results of the study (e.g. accepted waiting time on the phone, biggest annoyance in contact..) form the foundation of the test criteria we use to measure customer service within the audits. The study reflects current expectations of customer service in Germany and thus helps us to continually adapt the criteria accordingly and keep our finger on the pulse. 1,000 people between the ages of 18 and 69 who live in Germany were surveyed.

Take advantage of the study.

What do German consumers expect in terms of service? What is more important, good accessibility or good advice? Which aspects of customer service most influence customer satisfaction? The study provides answers to these and other questions. Use the findings as a benchmark for your service KPIs and stay up-to-date - what do German consumers expect?

Content of the study

- Use of a service offering: 79% of respondents had contact with a customer service department in the last 12 months - Above-average use among under-35s and people with higher incomes.

- Expectations of waiting times are high: on the phone, 37% of Germans expect a waiting time of less than 1 minute. Emails should be answered within 24 hours and on social media a response should be given after one hour at the latest.

- Trust in response quality is still highest with personal contact. This is reflected in satisfaction with the various contact channels. Chatbots are the channel with the lowest trust and satisfaction. So trust and satisfaction tend to be higher the more personal/"human" the contact is.

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