Interview with Callcenterprofi about the new award

Published on 2019-09-30

An introductory presentation of our award has been published by Callcenterprofi. Managing Director Maturin Craplet and founder Ludovic Nodier answered all questions about the concept in an interview. We are looking forward to the first edition of "Voted Customer Service of the Year" in Germany.


Next year, the award "Voted Customer Service of the Year" will be presented in Germany for the first time. We talked to Ludovic Nodier, founder of the concept in France, and Maturin Craplet, Managing Director of Armonia Germany, about the idea, the concept and what advantages the participating companies have.

CallCenterProfi: Mr. Nodier, with your concept "Voted Customer Service of the Year" you have already awarded companies in France, Spain, Morocco, Tunisia and England for innovative and outstanding customer service. Can you briefly describe the concept?

Nodier: "Gewählt zum Kundenservice des Jahres" is more than just an award. It is a concept in which the quality of customer service is checked by means of mystery testers. The quality of the customer experience is related to many small factors that ultimately determine whether the customer remembers the contact positively. The focus of "Voted Customer Service of the Year" is precisely to evaluate these details. Ultimately, we have five key objectives: to increase the value of customer service units, to make the transmitted quality of the companies' customer experience measurable, to give companies the opportunity to highlight their strengths and development processes in order to commit to continuous improvement, and to provide consumers with guidance for excellent customer service.

Craplet: Using 225 tests in five different contact media (telephone, e-mail or contact form, internet, social media and chat), each with up to 15 different criteria, customer service contact is assessed. Delays in response, empathy, quality of response and the subjective feeling of the customer are all included in the evaluation. The company with the highest overall score in the industry category and a minimum score of 60 out of 100 wins the title. After the tests, each participating company receives a detailed results report, which provides information about its customer service performance and compares the achieved results with those of the other participants. The results are handed out by our consultants during a debriefing session.

CallCenterProfi: Is there a unique selling point that distinguishes your concept from other, comparable awards?

Nodier: The Gewählt zum Kundenservice des Jahres award is unique in that it evaluates the work of those areas that are in direct contact with the customer. Every employee therefore actively contributes to the positive evaluation of his or her company. The methodology and the subsequent evaluation allow the participants to manage their customer satisfaction and ensure positive competition in their teams. The customer relationship thus becomes a unifying discipline for companies, involving all areas (communication, trade, marketing, accounting, customer relations, etc.)

Craplet: The award is absolutely innovative because it covers all channels that are important today, including social media and chat. Moreover, the number of tests is a very good indicator of the actual performance of the companies. As far as the companies themselves are concerned, there is always an advantage to participating in the competition. For the winners, winning means a confirmation of their previous efforts and the opportunity to attract new customers. And those who do not win will still benefit from a detailed breakdown of their performance and a benchmark which will enable them to set new objectives.

CallCenterProfi: The "Gewählt zum Kundenservice des Jahres" award is to be launched in Germany very soon. Are there already concrete plans here?

Craplet: We have taken the first step by winning well-known partners: CallCenterProfi, SKOPOS NEXT and the Call Center Association Germany. More will follow. In addition, some companies have already confirmed their participation even before registration had begun.

Nodier: "We are therefore in the process of making Gewählt zum Kundenservice des Jahres award in Germany as successful as it has been in France for the 13th time this year and in Spain for the ninth time. Many internationally active companies in Germany are already familiar with the award because they have already taken part in it in France, Spain, England, Morocco or Tunisia. They have also expressed the wish to launch the award in Germany as well, because participation has many advantages.


published on: http://www.callcenterprofi.de/branchennews/detailseite/neue-auszeichnung-gewaehlt-zum-kundenservice-des-jahres-20196441/

Text by Alexander Jünger