08.02.2024 - Virtual kick-off "Voted customer service of the year"

Published on 2024-01-03

Voted Customer Service of the Year, the 5th round of the competition is starting in Germany.

On February 8, 2024 (10:00 am - 12:00 pm) you can find out more about the concept and the test criteria in the virtual kick-off.

The concept is aimed directly at customer service and the kick-off is therefore aimed at all managers in this area. In addition to the concept presentation by Managing Director Maturin Craplet, both current award winners and our partner AC Süppmayer will report on their experiences with the competition.

The three pillars of the concept:

AUDIT: 5 contact channels are tested within 10 weeks: Phone, email (or contact forms), website (incl. login area & app), chat and social media. The test phase takes place annually from May to July.

You will then receive a personal results report of the 225 mystery tests, which we will present to you on site - so you can identify and improve service gaps in a targeted manner.

COMPETITION: As part of the competition, not only your company is measured, but also direct competitors. By comparing the results, you will find out where you stand within your sector and can learn from the best in other sectors.

AWARD: use the seal to communicate the outstanding customer service quality of your company both internally and to your customers! We also support you throughout the year with our media partners for communication. You can also celebrate your success with the entire team at the big award ceremony.

To register and for more information about the event, please click here.