What is "Gewählt zum Kundenservice des Jahres"?

"Gewählt zum Kundenservice des Jahres" (Customer Service of the Year Germany, Austria and Switzerland) is the independant customer care event. With 225 mystery inquiries we run a qualitative audit of your customer service. Real consumers address you with their undercover questions and concerns. The outcome will be an extensive report that reveals your actual customer service performance in detail. Our business is certified according to ISO 9001 which guarantees our reliable service quality as well as a smooth management of the tests. We also have exciting news: from now on, the competition will not only take place in Germany, but also in Austria and Switzerland! Please contact us for further information!


An AUDIT that aims to answer the question ,,how does my customer service perform? and to reflect the real performance.


An award

The quality of customer service by businesses is assessed with mystery inquiries by CONSUMERS.


Real customers

In pre- and after-sales situations, prospects and, if needed, real customers test your customer service through mystery tests.


An orientation

The winner of the category receives a representative AWARD for their customer service.

What is assessed with "Gewählt zum Kundenservice des Jahres"?

140 Calls

45 e-mail inquiries

15 web navigations

10 social media inquiries

15 chat inquiries

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TeleTalk presents the award winners - Vodafone!

This year's "Voted Customer Service of the Year 2024" award in the "Telecommunications" category goes to: Vodafone.As part of the 225 tests that each company undergoes as part of the competition, Vodafone was able to hold its own against its competitors in a strong industry. In this interview, Guido...
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