Published on 2023-11-22

Mainz, 22.11.2023 - The international competition "Voted Customer Service of the Year" is currently taking place in Germany, Spain, England, Morocco, Tunisia and France. Every year, hundreds of companies are awarded the honorary prize. The organizer of the German edition (Armonia Deutschland GmbH) is now opening its doors to customer service teams from Switzerland and Austria, thus extending the competition to the entire DACH region.

Maturin Craplet, Managing Director of "Voted Customer Service of the Year": "I am delighted that we can continue the international success story of the award with this step. Now we can meet the expectations of the numerous companies that have asked for the competition in Austria and Switzerland".

How does a test work? During the test phase, mystery testers confront the customer service of the participating companies with a test series of 225 inquiries in total. These are divided into 125 calls, 45 email inquiries, 30 internet navigation tests (incl. login area & app), 10 social media inquiries and 15 chat inquiries. In order to receive the seal, the competition participants must meet two criteria: firstly, they must achieve at least 55 out of 100 possible points in the overall ranking of the audit and secondly, they must be the strongest company in the respective category. The seal is only awarded once per sector in order to maintain exclusivity for the winners. At least two companies per category are always tested.

License and use of the seal

In order to maintain the credibility and transparency of the award, the seal may only be used for the customer service teams of the countries in which the company has officially participated. This means that companies can decide for themselves whether they want to aim for "DACH participation" and divide the 225 tests between 2 or 3 countries, or actually face the competition in each country separately with 225 tests (participation at "country level"). In both models, the seal may be used for the registered countries in the event of victory.
The tests will be carried out by our experienced partner AC Süppmayer, which has been conducting the mystery tests in Germany for the project since 2022.

For further information, please contact us via contact form or phone: +496131 49040 10