New partner for the tests: AC Süppmayer gives a statement regarding the preperation of the tests

Published on 2022-05-11

What challenges did you face during the preparation?

"Voted Customer Service of the Year " is a very exciting project. In just a few weeks, several thousand customer contacts will be conducted and analyzed at the participating companies. Here, it is important to plan the execution in such a way that the sequence of the Customer Journey from cradle to grave is exactly aligned. Our planning software KUDAM and our online evaluation tool Service & Sales Excellence play an essential role here.

What was new/particularly exciting in the preparation?

The execution of the measurements is time-critical. For this reason, we prepared everything so that the measurements could be carried out smoothly even in a lockdown. Between the announcement of the participating companies and the start of the measurements, there are only a few weeks to recruit customers of the companies from our household panel. That was and is particularly exciting.

How did the cooperation work?

The collaboration is based on great mutual trust and a very good level of friendship and partnership. Our teams work in an agile manner and coordinate on a daily basis. We are convinced that this is the basis for a very good project success.

How did you go about finding testers?

First and foremost, we used our existing household panel, which is also available for competitive analyses and as part of our quality measurements in customer service. In the B2B area, we also have a panel here and use our network as a supplement.

Brief outlook on the test phase from your perspective.

Exciting! We have been conducting customer contact evaluations with our 50+ person team for many clients for years. The systems are ready and we look forward to launching customer scenarios and qualitative assessments starting May 23, 2022.

Annika Dier, Project Manager, AC Süppmayer