The winners for 2022 are awarded!

Published on 2021-11-04

Mainz 04.11.2021: On 03 November 2021, it was that time again: Armonia Deutschland GmbH, organiser of the audit and competition "Gewählt zum Kundenservice des Jahres", awarded the winners of the service seal in Germany for the second time. In Spain, England, Morocco, Tunisia and France, the concept is already established and has been awarding the best customer service in various sectors for many years. In Germany, a total of 9 winners from different categories were honoured with the award at the award ceremony at the Gibson in Frankfurt. In order to receive the seal, two criteria must be fulfilled: on the one hand, at least 60 / 100 points must be achieved in the overall audit ranking and on the other hand, one must be the strongest company in the respective category. The award is given only once per sector.


These are the winners of the award 2022:

Company - brand - category

-       iRobot Limited - iRobot - Staubsaugerroboter

-       Medion AG - Medion - Unterhaltungselektronik & Haushaltsartikel

-       Huawei Technologies Deutschland GmbH - Huawei - Hersteller Smartphone & Tablet

-       Abbott GmbH - Diabetes Care - FreeStyle Libre - Medizinprodukte

-       Telefónica Germany GmbH & Co. OHG - O2 - Telekommunikation

-       Michelin Reifenwerke AG & Co. KGaA - Michelin - Reifenhersteller

-       IONOS SE - IONOS by 1&1 - Hosting-Dienste

-       Weltbild GmbH & Co. KG - Weltbild.de – Versandhandel

-       Teba GmbH & Co. KG - Teba - Sicht- und Sonnenschutz

Results in detail

The average of all participants this year is 68.5 points (- 1.3 compared to last year), that of all prize winners is 75.7 points. Overall, the results of the participants range from 21 points to 83 points, so there is a clear range. These results include both successful and unsuccessful tests. For example, on the e-mail channel, the test is cancelled if the enquiry is not answered after 4 days. The test then receives 0 points and is included in the final score. The "unsuccessful" tests have an important significance for the accessibility of a company. The participant with the largest gap achieved 95.7 points in the service score on the e-mail channel. Including accessibility, the score was only 72.3 points. This could be observed in many companies, especially on the telephone and e-mail channel. It can be deduced that the biggest challenge for many companies is accessibility.


Performance on all 5 channels

In contrast to the previous year, slight decreases in average performance can be seen on the social media, e-mail and chat channels. The results of the telephone and internet navigation channel have improved minimally.

Avarage performance on the channels:

  1. Internet Navigation: 88,7
  2. Phone: 70,4
  3. E-Mail: 65,6
  4. Social Media: 63,9
  5. Chat: 49,5


  1. Total avarage all channels: 68,5


Among the participants, the Internet Navigation channel leads the ranking again this year with 88.7 points, followed by the Telephone channel. Bringing up the rear among the participants is the chat channel. This proves to be the contact medium with the highest optimisation potential across all participants. In live chat, as well as in communication with the chatbot, the personal elements in particular, such as addressing the customer by name and the clear identification of the customer service representatives, can be further expanded. In terms of accessibility, chat is the weakest with only 68 points. This could be due to the fact that chat is somewhat neglected as a relatively new contact medium and is often only used for capacity reasons if an employee is not currently using another channel (e.g. a telephone call).

The evaluation of the results showed that the Corona Virus continues to have a strong influence on customer service in many companies. Nevertheless, the award winners were able to demonstrate exceptional performance with an accessibility of 84 points on the telephone channel. 

For enquiries via email or the contact form, the winners were able to respond quickly to the increased customer enquiries and performed with an accessibility of 90 % (response within 4 days). In contrast, the non-winners answered only 68 % of the e-mail enquiries within 4 days.

Watch award ceremony: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWGIhWRMI-U